The time sometimes comes for a complete remodeling of your fireplace and you will need all of the good tips you can get to make the needed changes. Perhaps your existing fireplace just doesn’t provide the atmosphere you are seeking, or maybe its the way it is functioning, or both.

Whatever your reason for remodeling you want to make sure you are going about it in the most aesthetic and functioning way to make the change gracefully and get the results you want.

Fireplace Remodeling Tips

These tips are provided as a “guild-line” for a successful remodeling of your fireplace. Basically your first step would be to figure out and define the change you are wanting. Remodeling is defined as the act of altering or remaking the structure of something. Write down and lay out what it is you want to change.

A fireplace is a very important aspect of remodeling in your home and can bring up the value of the building with updated and artistically pleasing changes to accent the decor. Of course you will need to consider safety (as outlined below) in changes made to an operational fireplace and surrounding area. Sometimes the remodeling might only require the purchase of a new and stylish fireplace insert with all of the amenities such as a secondary burn unit.

  • Budget- Budget, as many of us know first hand, is a very important consideration when making any remodeling modifications to your home. Will you be doing some of the design yourself, or do you need to hire a professional designer? Are you wanting to convert your existing fireplace to gas, or just wanting to change the looks? Figure out exactly what you hope to achieve, write it down, and start shopping around for what you want so you’ll know the prices. At times some of the budget will need to be allocated to professional services such as installation, or in depth contracting. Lay out a budget exactly for what you are hoping to spend on the remodeling of your fireplace.
  • Look Confirmation and “Shop Around”- Oftentimes if one is just wanting to change the looks of their fireplace, it is a fairly easy and fun fix. Many options and services are on the market to help you do this. Consider the overall design of your house or room your fireplace is located in. Maybe you might want to consider having a rock fireplace mantel extending to the whole wall. The sky is barely the limit when it comes to the many wonderful designs and highly functional options for your perfect fireplace. Many times you will see designs and options when “shopping around” that you have not considered, which is definitely an added plus in your remodeling adventure.
  • Options- Once you have figured out exactly what you want, and the styling you are aiming for, it is time to look at your options. The internet is a perfect place to let your “fingers do the walking”. If the change you are wanting is purely physical, take a stroll through local lumber yards and building stores, and look at the different stone and wood possibilities. Talk to experts if you can. When you find “your” options within your budget, go for it, you are ready to make your dream a reality.
  • Safety- Safety in remodeling can not be stressed enough especially when it comes to gas, electric, and fire. When dealing with any of these it is always best to have an insured expert do your changes for you and plus they are up-to-date on building codes and other pertinent requirements. If you are just changing the outer looks of your fireplace mantel or surrounding walls you might be able to buy a kit. Make sure you follow and understand the manufacturers instructions completely.

Fireplace Remodeling Tips Overall

It is very important that you make a folder, have a notebook, and keep all of your fireplace remodeling information together in an organized way. In this day and age of technology and IT companies, many do this on their phone, tablet, or whatever information device they use. Stay organized as mentioned earlier, keep the photos on the internet that you like, and other information relating to the completion of your project in one place with easy access.

It also helps to share your collected data, such as photos, when you are shopping or telling contractors what you want. If you get hard copy receipts, have a special place to store these. Keep everything nice and simple and let your creativity flow when remodeling your fireplace and creating an atmosphere with improvements which you can enjoy for many years to come.