Is it time to update your fireplace inside and out? The fireplace is the heart of the home and the main focal point of a decorator’s dream. When many think of updating their fireplace they mostly think of the parts you can see such as the mantle, the fire pit, and the hearth.

The fireplace is also the parts you don’t see and includes the part where the smoke is directed out through the chimney. The fireplace and the chimney all work as one. You will often see the same bricks on the chimney as you do in the fireplace of classical hearths made in the past.

Six Steps to Update Your Fireplace

Before adding a new flair to your fireplace, make sure the chimney (flue) is clean for a good draw and a nice even fire. There are excellent ways to update your fireplace in hardly anytime at all with some highly accessible steps. Excellent selections in updating materials offer many choices.  Let’s check a few of these great ideas as an update solution for your fireplace. It only takes one of these steps for a beautiful and stylish fireplace.

  1. Add Glass Doors- Many do add glass doors to their fireplace. These are attached to well-constructed fireplaces, usually masonry, as either an inside mount or an overlapping mount. If you like the idea of glass doors you would really love some of the fireplace inserts on the market. Some of the glass doors are etched and they have all kinds of fire control qualities with high decorative standards. These are a “take off” from the original Ben Franklin Fireplace, many of which are still in existence today. Exceptional fireplaces have been created with an updated Ben Franklin Fireplace incorporated into a modern fireplace. Secondary burn units are now being installed into these updated fireplace units along with the redesigning methods.
  2. Raised Stone Sitting Area- You can always add a nice stone sitting area to your fireplace for a new face and stylish update with many possibilities. Soapstone is a wonder material on the market. It is mined and comes in several hues for a good selection. If you so desire you can get soapstone in panels and change the whole looks of your fireplace. You can even extend soapstone into the fire pit area because of its heat properties. Soapstone can also be carved into side benches and intricate carvings over your fireplace, or possibly smooth as a sleek mantle.
  3. Change Color of Bricks- If your bricks are old and stained you can add new life by painting them with any color you like from very durable paint made for this purpose. Many a drab dreary brick fireplace has been transformed with an update of paint making it bright and bringing it up with the times and decor. It is best not to extend the paint into the burn area. Make a nice clean cut off area for the best in long-term looks when painting your fireplace dividing the actual fire pit from the fireplace exterior.
  4. Create “Tile Work” or Re-Tile- Beautiful fireplaces have been created with ceramic tile mosaics and borders for a fresh new look with timeless beauty. A lot of beautiful looks can be had with mock tiling and trim especially made for fireplaces. Tile materials made for fireplaces come in real stone, slate, marble, and ceramic as mentioned above, for a strong heat-resistant surface.
  5. Add a Mantle- If your fireplace does not have a mantle, try adding one for classical appeal. Masonry is an excellent way to add a mantle to an existing fireplace. This can be a little expensive and time to consume. There is a huge selection of pre-fabricated mantels available from an array of manufacturers which will create just the look you are seeking.
  6. Change Shape and Style- Cast Stone is an excellent way to update the entire looks of your fireplace, rather it be old world charm or sleek modern sophistication. Cast stone fireplace mantels and precast surround for fireplaces are mostly made from limestone and marble aggregate. It has the beautiful look of a stone fireplace and comes in many colors. The really fantastic thing about this durable and lightweight material is the fact that it can be cast into almost any style or shape.

Update Your Fireplace Overview

It is a big and welcome change to update your fireplace. There are many solutions and options to choose from. Take time and look at all of the options and designs as you make the perfect choice to breathe new life into and possibly utilize the heating potential this winter or fall as you reap the rewards from an update to your fireplace.