Is it time for remodeling your modern fireplace? Perhaps you want to convert it to a more classical style, or even just go in for a color change, or a whole different look. There is a lot you can do with the sleek and contemporary design of the modern fireplace.

It would be fairly simple with the right hardware and trim to convert a modern fireplace to Mediterranean styling fresh from traveling the seas.

Tips and Ideas for Remodeling Your Modern Fireplace

The modern fireplace has good lines and a lot of easy to work with features making remodeling a delight. Find out what change you want to go for. Do you want a new look completely, or maybe you are tired of dealing with firewood and want to convert to gas or electric. Lets look at a few tips and ideas.

Convert to Gas or Electric

A gas or electric fireplace is sometimes the way to go for a busy person on the move in these modern times. Entertaining company is a breeze if you want quick flames while having a cocktail. You can quickly turn on your gas or electric fireplace with the tip of your finger. No more building messy and time consuming fires.

The realness of fake logs with a gas or electric flame is amazing. A really good buy for a person wanting to upgrade or remodel their contemporary fireplace would be to check out some of the wonderful designs on the market of fireplace inserts. They come in many styles, shapes, and colors.

Change the Face or Surround of Your Contemporary Fireplace

If you know what style you are looking for, you can be shopping for a manufactured surround, which will change the entire look of your fireplace into something you really like because you picked it out. Contemporary fireplaces are easy to paint no matter what material they are made from. With the straight sleek lines it is also easy to tile or veneer your fireplace for a new look.

Change the Modern Fireplace into Mediterranean

Mediterranean is a strong look to go for when you have strong ultra modern lines on your fireplace. The Mediterranean style came from places near the Mediterranean Sea such as Spain, Italy, and Greece. A “bullnose” edge is good on the Mediterranean fireplace mantel, and can be ordered pre-made from cast stone to give your modern fireplace a unique and culturally inclined personality with the utmost in good taste.

Wrought iron looks especially enticing with Mediterranean and presents itself nicely on the mantle and the sides of the surround. Deep blue cobalt tiles would look great on the hearth with a wrought iron firescreen as an added bonus, bringing in a taste with Moroccan flair.

Mediterranean colors for your fireplace include colors of the sky and sea. Dark natural square cut beams fit right into this styling with accent colors of yellow and lavender, depending upon the size and style of your original fireplace. The ultimate choice is your as you gather ideals and tips for remodeling your modern fireplace.

Change Your Modern Fireplace into Stucco

Stucco is not any harder to do than tiles. Tiles are fairly easy once you get the hang of it. Tiling is just applying adhesive, laying tiles, letting them dry and then adding grout. If you are tiling on cement, rock, or level stone you need no surface preparation. If you are tiling on other substances such as wood, you need to apply a metal lath. Stucco is the same way, you apply stucco wire to your fireplace project before stucco is applied.

Once you start putting the stucco on you will be amazed at the patterns you can make. This design style imitates “South Western” and a likeness to adobe fireplaces which would be easy with the straight lines of modern.

Tips for Remodeling Your Modern Fireplace Overview

Remodeling a modern fireplace is no different than remodeling a traditional or old fashioned fireplace. Take stock of what you are working with, shop around and look at the different and unique possibilities.

A new look is easy to get with just a fresh layer of paint on your contemporary fireplace, as mentioned earlier. Most any surface is capable of accepting paint, including stones and brick. Usually there is no surface preparation besides a primer. Pay heed to all of the ideas and tips you can find and make your dream come true for the ultimate in remodeling your modern fireplace.