How do you upgrade and remodel a brick fireplace that has seen better days? Many a family is charmed with a brick fireplace around which they all gather. There does come a time, no matter how attached you are to your brick fireplace, that you might feel the need to upgrade and remodel. What are some of the ways?

Ways to Upgrade and Remodel your Brick Fireplace

 There are many means and options when it comes to possibilities for upgrading and remodeling your brick fireplace. Some are expensive and some are very affordable. Some are fairly simple and some are difficult. Let’s take a look at some of these possibilities and upgrades for remodeling your fireplace.

Paint It

The most obvious makeover for bricks is to paint them. This is also probably the simplest. Just because it is fairly easy or economical to do, does not mean you are giving up an ounce of style or good looks. There are so many directions you could go with this. You can use the pizazz of contemporary white or black, or go with some of the other wonderful colors you find around your house, in the curtains, trim, finishes, and other accent materials. The good thing about paint is you can always change the color if you so desire.

When painting your fireplace bricks, be sure to prime first. Exterior Latex is a good choice for primer because it adheres to bricks so well. Latex based paints are much better than oil-based paints for fireplaces. There is actually paint made especially for the fireplace, but this really is not necessary and the price can be high. If you are looking to hide flaws in your brick choose a flat paint to better conceal them. Shiny gloss is fine if you are just covering up stains. Earth tones are always great for brick fireplaces.

Stucco It

An outdated brick fireplace is just waiting for “Stucco”. Bricks and concrete require no special preparation for adding stucco. Stucco comes in several different colors and you can even add color to it with pigments from the paint store. Applying stucco is an enjoyable process which a novice could do quite readily. There are different textures which you could experiment with or shop around on the internet and find out how certain patterns look. You can also do your own style or have a smooth stucco, almost with an adobe look, which would give the ultimate in a Southwestern feel.

Add a Mantle to It

Prefabricated fireplace mantels come in many sizes and shapes. The selections are actually very exciting. If you are going with wood, or some other kind of fairly easy to apply a change that comes in sheeting, such as veneer, and matches the mantle you can extend it clear around the fireplace and onto the walls if you want, for real fireplace pizazz. Another exciting option for a prefabricated mantle is the cast stone which can imitate even a Venetian Marble Mantle from Italy. You create the atmosphere. Oftentimes one might have a family member that is a carpenter, and they too can work wonders with wood. Always make sure you take wise safety precautions when building around or adding to a fireplace.

 Tile It

A really good thing about working with brick fireplaces is the fact if you decide to cover it with tiling, for example, you have a very sturdy base and a good adhesive foundation. If you start to add tiles to your brick fireplace it calls for hardly any preparation. You can wipe down your brick a little to make a clean surface and make sure there is no dust if you want. Do not use any cleaner on your bricks if you decide there is an area you want clean, just use white vinegar in a spray bottle to spot dust and clean. You are covering your bricks, so why spend a lot of time cleaning them? Tile comes in many forms and shapes, so the selection is endless. Adding tile would be a very exciting update and a definite upgrade.

 Upgrade and Remodel Your Brick Fireplace Overview

 With all of the wonderful upgrading and remodeling options on the scene, you will be hard-pressed to make a selection. The paint is nice because if you do want to change the look, you just buy different paint. There is one thing that is definite, once you cover your bricks with paint, you will not be able to go back to the color they were.

Light colored bricks, especially the tan toned ones, can get very ugly after years due to smoke stains, burns, and all kinds of stuff. You will love your upgrade and remodel so much you will never want to go back to your old brick fireplace again.