When you remodel a corner fireplace you follow the same guidelines and creative influences you would with any other fireplace. The fact that your fireplace is in the corner actually gives you a more unique chance to decorate and opens the door to all kinds of possibilities.

Most of the time corner space goes wasted, so the installation of a corner fireplace or the past building of one is quite logical. Another good thing about a corner fireplace is, if you use yours for heat, it radiates the heat into a larger direct path diagonally across the room covering all areas. The corner fireplace is still excellent for romantic fires on cool summer eves, especially by the ocean. If you decide to use a fireplace insert you can find a fashionable one of these as a corner unit also.

What Are Some of the Choices to Remodel a Corner Fireplace?

There are many choices available to remodel a corner fireplace. Many of these are possible for a novice, and there are “kits” you can obtain at home interior design stores, plus building stores. Look around and keep track of the ideas you like. Fake fronts and cast stone are a lot of fun and you can create almost any atmosphere you desire.

If your fireplace is rock, brick, or cement…painting is an option. The corner fireplace is approached the same as any other fireplace, as mentioned before. The first thing to do if you have a corner fireplace is too make sure the corner above the fireplace doesn’t show. This is an easy fix with some stone veneer over a sheet of wood or metal, or other type of flat wall material. Setting tiles on your fireplace seems to be the trend with most home fireplace remodels.

Tiles As a Remodel Choice for a Brick Corner Fireplace

Tiles come in many kinds, shapes, and sizes. The possibilities are endless and exciting. Your first step would be to make a tile selection. You can mix tiles if you want, but they need to be fairly the same in height. It is best to keep fairly simple with your design. Laying tiles is all the same no matter what the choice of tile. So how do you lay tile?

Prepare Surface

The good thing about laying tile over brick, stone, or cement is there is actually nothing you have to do to prepare the surface besides dust away the cobwebs. Brick, stone, and cement make good foundations for your tile work as they are a strong base and have good adhering qualities.

Install the Tiles

Mix thinset adhesive following the directions as presented on the package. Next you spread this over the areas you want to adhere the tiles to. Keep tiles within arms reach. Begin laying the tile from the center of each space as you lay them working out to cover the entire area. Spacers are important to use between tiles so you can keep grout lines even.

Work the tiles back and forth as you set them to make sure they are setting nicely in the thinset adhesive. You can tap down any high spots with a level until they are even with the other tiles. Let the tiles dry in the thinset overnight.

Finishing Off the Remodel of Your Corner Fireplace

There is a final very important step you need to do to be completely finished. You do this step after the tiles have dried overnight in the thinset. The grout needs to be added between the tiles. What is a tile without grout? Prepare your grout according to the instructions on the packaging.

Next, remove the spacers you used to keep the tiles even. Start working the grout into the shallow crevices between each tile with a grout float. When you have grouted all of the tiles, clean off the tops evenly with a slightly damp sponge. Any stray grout will wipe off easily.

After about a week the tile grout will season and then you are ready to add a grout sealer. It is almost impossible to word the feeling you have after completing a fantastic artistic tile job. You are also rewarded with a newly remodeled and beautiful corner fireplace that you will be proud of for years to come.