Are you needing to redo your fireplace? The reasons could be for many purposes. Perhaps your fireplace was damaged in a storm, or maybe it just needs a new look and an “update”.   If a fireplace has structural damage you will need to have an expert look at it to make sure it is operational and safe to use. If your fireplace is needing a change, or an update, there are many options.

Some Options to Redo Your Fireplace

Perhaps you are wanting to give your fireplace a whole new look because you just need a change. Maybe you don’t enjoy your fireplace the way it is. Sometimes it is best to check out the highly decorator friendly fireplace inserts on the market, or maybe you could convert to an electric fireplace. There are many ways to redo your fireplace. Lets look at a few possibilities, try one, or combine a few for the ultimate in good looks.

Tile Your Fireplace

Tiling your fireplace always creates a miracle, and the process is fairly easy to do. The colors and kinds of tiles are many. You can go with a Terra Cotta natural tile for a nice earthy look for your fire place, perhaps incorporating wooden beams into your mantle.

When you are giving your fireplace a facelift you do not have to stick to one source. Try them all, be creative. Another really fantastic look is ceramic tiles. You can get any look you want with them. The cobalt blue tiles combined with flowered tiles are tremendous. A fire engine red would look ultra chic set up in a geometric pattern.

Add Glass Doors

Many add glass doors to their fireplace for heat efficiency and the decorative quality. These are attached to well constructed fireplaces as either an inside mount or an over lapping mount.

You do not have to stop with the doors when redoing your fireplace if you are wanting a total change. Look at the building supply stores and see what they have. Stop in at a home interior store, get creative with your options.

Redo Hearth

You can always add a nice stone sitting area to your fireplace for a new face and stylish update with many possibilities. Stucco is a good way to go combined with tiling. You can change the very material your fireplace is made of on the exterior. If you start working on the interior it is best to hire an expert.

If you so desire you can get soapstone in panels and change the whole looks of your fireplace. You can even extend soapstone into the fire pit area because of its heat properties. Soapstone can also be carved into side benches, and you can request custom work from craftsmen who specialize in this. Soapstone is a natural material and it comes in many shades and hues for the ultimate in good looks.

Paint Your Fireplace

If your bricks are old and stained you can add new life to them by painting them with any color you like from the rainbow. When you are at your building supply store, ask to see their fireplace paint. Many a dreary fireplace has been transformed with an update of paint making it bright and bringing it up with the times with a whole new look.

Add a New Mantle

Many a fireplace has got a facelift with a new mantle. If your fireplace does not have a mantle, now is the time to add one for a completely different look. The options for adding a mantle are many.

There is a huge selection of pre-fabricated mantels available from an array of manufacturers which will create just the look you are seeking. You might also try the new mantle “kits” on the market, the variety and styles will amaze you. The possibilities are seemingly endless in creating new looks for your fireplace.

How to Redo Your Fireplace Overview

You might want to make major structural changes to your fireplace, in which case it is best to hire a professional insured contractor. Or maybe you are just wanting a new and updated look for your fireplace which can be easily accessible and affordable as you redo your fireplace.