Fireplace surround demands are very important because the surround is the face of your fireplace. If someone is describing what your fireplace looks like they are speaking of your surround. The demands of your fireplace surround are not only aesthetic but also structural. You can not have a crumbling surround.

What Are the Demands of your Fireplace Surround?

The demands of your fireplace surround include all of the parts of your surround and their needs rather they be for decor purity or structural demands of being built properly. Lets look at some of the aspects and demands of your fireplace surround.

Aesthetic Qualities

The style, looks, and decor of your fireplace is a deserving demand of your surround. Styles of fireplace surrounds are many. Some of these include the modern design, traditional, stone cottage, eclectic, and “Country French”. This is just to name a few.                                                                                                   Eclectic style can encompass several different periods of times and decorating styles, or fads, such as Victorian. This type of style is achieved through the aesthetic use of texture, color, finishes, and shape. Trim and adornment, including the mantle, can have a big overall effect on the appearance and styling of your surround.


Safety is certainly a demand of a surround. The surround provides additional layers of protection outside of the fire pit, or box. It also holds your fireplace into the wall keeping the rest of the room from catching fire. Pay heed to regional building codes because these are there for your guidance and safe fireplace usage. The surround is far more than just a decorative piece.

Heat Retention and Efficiency

On cold frosty mornings your fireplace becomes more than a romantic way to enjoy the glowing embers of a fire. The surround can actually increase heating efficiency as mostly a secondary choice, but remember the pioneers. The fireplace was their means for heating and cooking. As they built their log cabins, a fireplace was certainly a part of the overall design and a necessity for their survival. Their surround was the actual front structure you could see such as a network of round stones going around the larger opening of their fireplace.

The type of material used in your surround could also absorb heat and emit it, or radiate it for hours after the fire has gone out. Ceramic and soapstone are very good at storing heat and releasing it slowly over a period of time.

Keeping Up with the Demands of Your Fireplace Surround 

Keeping up with the demands of your fireplace surround can be daunting yet very rewarding. Many are looking incessantly for new decor and updates for their surround. At the same time they need to make sure they are complying with local building codes and personal safety. These are often neglected when it comes to light re-designing, but come heavily into play during an extensive remodeling.

There are many choices and styles of manufactured surrounds on the market. These are tested and ready to meet the demands of a hot roaring fire. A lot of these manufactured surrounds can be installed by the common layman and include detailed installation instructions. There are several companies in the fireplace surround business that offer custom design. The days of internet marketing have opened up new avenues for ordering and viewing merchandise. You don’t really have to stick to your area anymore, but can get almost anything shipped including stylish or custom made surrounds.

How did decorating start playing such a big role as a demand of the surround? The Aesthetic movement (fueled by the Victorians) came into play in the late 1800’s. Before this the more traditional fireplace and surround was a big part of daily life. Adornment was not felt as necessary for the average citizen when it came to their fireplace. Around the 1890’s the “Arts and Crafts” movement made the scene and in waltzed “Art Deco”.

Quality stone remained a strong face of the fireplace surround through all of the different times. The quality and fine stone fireplace has been considered as a sign of prosperity. Fireplace surround demands are the features, decor, structure, and safety that your fireplace cries out for in overall looks and safe presentation.