Fireplace surrounds come in an amazing array of styles and designs. The fireplace surround was originally what kept the rest of the room from catching on fire. It is the whole area around your fire box or fire pit. It slowly evolved into a very fireproof but decorative element representing the whole fireplace.

Styles of Fireplace Surrounds

The styles of fireplace surrounds can be many. This is what your fireplace looks like. Someone might describe a fireplace surround that they seen in an English library as being made of massive stones with a rich mahogany mantle and matching bookshelves built right into it.

Or they might say “They had a contemporary bright red fireplace which was freestanding and looked like it was made from metal.” These are the faces of the fireplace they are describing, or the surround. What are some distinctive faces of the fireplace surround? Lets look at a few that seem to stand out when it comes to fireplace surrounds.

Tile Surround with Electric Outlets

Tile surrounds are great as the overall appearance of your fireplace. Tiles come in many kinds and shapes. Ceramic is really popular, as are terra cotta tiles.

A fairly basic wooden mantle looks good with a tile surround. Many are hanging (wall mounting) their flat screen televisions over their fire place now, so electric outlets and cable outlets might be installed on the surround.

Surround with a Built-In Entertainment Center

This fireplace surround has an extensive face making good use of the mantle area. Cubbies are located to fit most electronics, including the television.                                                                                       It started out with the families to gather around the fireplace (before T.V.), then they started gathering around their entertainment system. Now they are both combined for the ultimate in family time and gatherings.

Cherrywood Accent Surround

Hardwood flooring can be used as the wood inlay look for the face of your fireplace. Mixed with a tile mosaic on the hearth this would be a very good look.

The look of Cherry in a wood inlay is a very nice accent. Molding and medallions finish up this great look while adding special interest and intricate details in a classical way.

Brick Surround with Sconce Lights

Sconce lights of your choice look especially nice on a brick fireplace surround. A pair of these can either be on the sides or above the mantle. Brass or wrought iron styling would look great as a feature of the lights.

Sconces really adds extra light for reading or looking at a magazine while you are sitting on the raised brick hearth, if you have one. If you don’t have a raised hearth you might want to consider adding one with removable cushions for sitting.

Marble Surround with Ornate Victorian Styling

Ornate styling walks hand in hand with marble (or mock marble looks) and fireplace surrounds. You can order these pre-made or custom made. There are many other types of ornate decor besides Victorian. The Grecian styles are simply wonderful with their richly detailed columns. It is almost as if you went back to ancient times, or Babylonian days.

A marble surround would look especially nice in a richly tiled master suite with a bath, and also in the main living room of an estate. The arched ones are really beautiful.

Arched Fireplace Surrounds- Arched fireplace surrounds are exquisite in their beauty and gracefulness. These are very elegant unless you go for the arch as in a cottage. Cottage style arches are also very charming.

The arch is usually right over the fireplace but can be high up over the ornate mantel and on the top of the surround. You could also go for a double arch effect.

Fireplace Surround Overview

The possible face or surround of your fireplace can be many when it comes to design and style elements, as mentioned earlier. You can match almost any decorating theme. It is getting easier and easier to change the front of your fireplace if you decide to change the looks of your decor and want the fireplace to match.

Minor remodeling jobs, like painting, tiling, veneering, and prefabricated pieces have made it easy to remodel your surround. A really popular trend now-a-days is to incorporate the television into the surround. Bookshelves built into the surround use to be the way to go.   Most will always picture the fireplace surround to be made of red bricks, sandstone, rocks, stones, and rich wood such as mahogany like you would see in a fine library. Oak is also popular, with moldings and carvings, as a fireplace surround.