Refinishing Ideas for Brick Fireplaces

Nothing remains your plans for a cutting edge lounge room quicker than a massive brick fireplace. Since such fireplaces and going hand in hand with fireplaces are regularly a part of the supporting walls in the house, you seldomly have the choice to remove the brick. On the other hand, with a little innovativeness and elbow oil, you’ll disregard about the huge tower of brick that once commanded your décor.


The least complex approach to give your brick fireplace a new look is to paint it. Organizations like Brick Anew make specialized brick paints that permit you to protect the surface and feel of your brick while still giving it a facelift. Assuming that you’re planning a tragic color change, you’ll have to apply a first stage or basecoat before you start to paint. When you’ve added the paint shade, complete with a coating or clear layer.


You might likewise cover your revolting brick fireplace with manufactured stone that matches other colors of the room. Start by measuring the zone you wish to cover and laying stones out on the floor according to how you need to place them on the fireplace. Remove the mantle if vital and apply mortar to the brick, and also the back of every stone as you go. When you have amassed the stones, utilization additional mortar to caulk the holes between them.


The methodology of applying tile to a brick fireplace is comparative to that of building a stone fireplace. Stone tiles are especially engaging when the walls are painted to specifically carry out the point by point colors in the tiles. Remember that neither stone nor tile resurfacing takes well when applied straightforwardly to painted brick. Provided that you’re working with brick that has as of recently been painted, set up backerboard before you start.

Sheetrock and Paneling

To lessen the general size of your fireplace, set up sheetrock or paneling to cover the brick. For advanced looks, cover the brick actually, leaving just the fireplace itself. Then again, cover the upper partition of the bricks with sheetrock and lay ornamental stones or tiles around the fireplace opening.


Regardless of what style you pick for your fireplace, a new mantel can dependably help upgrade your remodeled look. Regardless of the possibility that you’re not up for laying stones or setting up sheetrock, a new fireplace mantel may be all the help your brick fireplace needs.

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