Creative refinishing ideas for brick fireplaces are something you will definitely want to consider. These could range anywhere from resurfacing to painting. There are all kinds of ingenious and satisfying options.

What Are Some Great Refinishing Ideas for Brick Fireplaces?

Applying a new finish or a new surface to your brick fireplace can come in many forms. Lets look at some of them.

Paint as a Refinish

If you want to freshen up the looks of the bricks on your fireplace by “refinishing” the bricks, then painting is a reliable option for you. Many brick fireplace paints are on the market just waiting for you to choose from them with their wide array of classy and unique decor colors. It is not absolutely necessary to use a paint that is labeled “For Brick Fireplaces”.

Paints with a Latex base are highly recommended for painting brick surfaces. When painting your fireplace bricks, be sure to prime first. Exterior Latex is a good choice for primer because it adheres brick very well.

If you are looking to hide flaws in your brick choose a flat paint to better conceal them. Shiny gloss paint is fine if you are just covering up stains or want a new look. Terra Cotta paint is always great for brick fireplaces. You will be amazed by some of the finishes you can get for your brick fireplace by using paint.

You can also apply glaze over paint for an especially good look. Antiquing glaze can give an interesting aged look to newly painted brick surfaces in any color.

Use Stucco as a Refinish

An outdated brick fireplace is just waiting for “Stucco” to be applied as a new finish. Bricks require no special preparation for adding stucco except wiring your fireplace with stucco wire for better adhesive properties.

Stucco comes in several different colors and you can even add color to it with pigments from the paint store. Applying a stucco finish is an enjoyable process and a novice can do it quite readily

There are different textures which you could experiment with or shop around on the internet and find out about all of the different looks. You can also do your own style or have a smooth stucco, which gives the appearance of Adobe. “Brick Red” and “Cornflower Blue” stucco finishes for your brick fireplace will really give an atmosphere.

Glaze as a Refinish

A see through glaze or a lightly tinted glaze would make the perfect refinish for your brick fireplace. It will bring out the natural rich tones of your brick no matter what kind. Glaze is kind of like varnish so it will seal your bricks and make them look a bit shiny.

There are certain dull type glazes that you can get. Another interesting thing you could do with your bricks is give them an “Aged Look” with “Antiquing Glaze”. You simply wipe or paint the glaze on, then remove it partially with a soft cloth leaving glaze in the cracks, mortar edges, and little imperfections in the bricks for a great look. You can get “antiquing kits” on the market as an easy and explanatory route to go in aging your bricks. The “Distressed” look is also quite stylish and nice lending its self to a “Cape Cod” type atmosphere.

Stains and Tints as Refinishes

To refinish the red bricks of a fireplace, stain them with iron-oxide based brick tint. Penetrating mason stain will also work. Bricks, just like ceramic tiles are made of clay that is fired. After this the bricks are set to cool. When they are cooled off and ready to use they are very porous and soak up tints and stains really good.

After years, bricks are still porous, and stain or tint will make them look new. Bricks are really gorgeous after you do this. You will be absolutely amazed at the change in the bricks of your old fireplace after applying stain or tint.

Refinishing Ideas for Brick Fireplaces Overall

The refinishing ideas for your brick fireplace have a lot of nice options that you will enjoy considering. This is especially true after you look at all of the different color selections as you narrow down your choices. It will be hard to select one refinishing idea because they are all so good when it comes to your brick fireplace.