There are a lot of very nice design ideas for the contemporary and modern fireplace. Many of these ideas are founded on the initial structure of your fireplace. “Modern” and “Contemporary” are often confused when it comes to decorating and designing.

Modern design came about as a decor style in the period between 1920 and the late 1950’s. Contemporary design is the design of today. It always keeps up with the latest fads and trends.

Converting the modern fireplace to “contemporary”, or a fireplace of today, is very easy and enjoyable because of the basic structure. Traditional fireplaces can also get an “update”, or a new face and become contemporary as a fireplace of today too.

Design Ideas for Changing the Face of Your Modern Fireplace into Contemporary

The contemporary design is always changing. New ideas for the face and presentation of your modern fireplace are seemingly endless. Lets look at some of these fascinating design options for your modern fireplace.

Horizontal Stripes with Bricks or Tile

Horizontal stripes and geometric shapes are all of the rage with contemporary design. Transform your modern fireplace into a work of art alternating slate gray tiles with mega white tiles for a nice clean modern contrast. You can carry this same design and complimenting colors into other areas of your decor such as the rugs or drapes.

Paint can be used on this project if you have a brick fireplace already. Another good option would be to use ceramic, or a tile of your choice, and actually tile over your brick.

Tile is real easy to work with, and a brick fireplace would not need any preparation before adding tile. You would just put the adhesive on, apply the tiles, let dry for 24 hours, then grout it. Grouting is simple to do and instructions will be on the packaging. An alternation of stone veneer shades or colors will also work with this project.

Gridwork of Sleek Molding

Sleek molding placed either horizontally or vertically will look great on a contemporary all white fireplace or a modern black fireplace with straight line styling. You could even cross (have intersections cut to fit) the strip molding for a wow factor.

The molding strips you can pick up at a building supply and cut to size after measuring. If you measure ahead of time and know how many strips of each you will need, the building supply store will cut them for you.

The strips will be easy to cut no matter how you go about doing it. You then apply with an adhesive made for attaching molding. Get creative and create your dream fireplace look.

Soapstone Firebox with Stacked Slate Surround

If you really want to get creative and be efficient at the same time with your modern fireplace, redo the firebox with soapstone. Prefabricated soapstone firebricks are not very expensive when needing a limited amount for fireplace projects. You pay per brick. You can apply the soapstone fire brick right over the existing firebricks in your firebox or fire pit.

A shade of blue soapstone would be nice for a contemporary look and you could even extend it on out creating a new hearth overlay. The good thing about soapstone is the fact that it retains heat and radiates it, long after the fire has gone out.

The stacked slate surround is easy to accomplish with stone veneering. Back in the olden days to get stacked slate you had to actually stack it for the look you wanted. It was thick and heavy. Now you can get it in panels that are fairly simple to install. Stacked slate would look great going from floor to ceiling. The slate blue soapstone hearth and firebox would be the perfect accent to go with this total look.

Seamless Fireplace

A seamless fireplace would be the ultimate in modern design. By “seamless” it means you cannot tell where the fireplace ends or where the wall begins. Seamless fireplaces look really good in black, whites, or grays. Sometimes as they blend into the wall you can separate them a bit by alternating colors, such as black fading into gray or gray fading into white for a clean fresh look.

Overview for Modern Fireplace Designs

Modern fireplace designs are plentiful. Take time and shop around and decide upon the designs that you really like. See what the options are for your favorites, how to do them, and the approximate cost. Keep all of these considerations in mind as you find the perfect design ideas for your modern fireplace.