Modern Fireplace Design Ideas

A fireplace is an eminent addition to your home. It is an elective heating source, as well as makes a stunning point of convergence in any room. Provided that your home tends towards advanced and contemporary ornamentation, you will need to adorn and plan your fireplace to reflect that style, rather than a more conventional brightening style.

Art Piece

One up to date touch to your fireplace is to add an art piece above it. In contemporary plan, the artwork is moderately straightforward. Typically its in a strong shade, for example red or orange, to add color to an as of recently nonpartisan room. Then again, discover an art piece with color squares of neutrals, for example light black or beige. Either sort of print ought to be huge, and practically match the width of the fireplace mantel.

Vast Mirror

Make a smooth outline with your fireplace by propping or hanging a huge reflect on or above the fireplace mantel. The mirror ought to be the width of the fireplace mantel and tall enough to practically achieve the ceiling. This improves the look of cutting edge outline and additionally adds brilliance and light to your lounge room.


Utilize candles to make a smart presentation on your fireplace mantel. Restricted to do so is to utilize tea lights to make this presentation. You require pretty nearly eight to 10 of them. Put them in a line, from one end to the other. Determine that every tea light candle is the same separation apart from the following. Another approach to presentation candles on the mantel is to add one extensive light on a flame holder amidst the mantel.

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