Ideas for Renovating a Brick Fireplace

brick fireplace can add a warm, at home look to any room of your home. Then again, provided that you choose to rearrange, you might discover that the brick no more extended matches your ornamentation or you might essentially need to give your fireplace a redesigned look. Luckily, you have some alternatives regarding renovating your brick fireplace so you wind up a new, new look that works with whatever remains of the room.

Ideas for Renovating a Brick Fireplace

Paint the Brick

Painting is one of the most straightforward approaches to renovate a brick fireplace. Depending on the shade that you pick, you can help your fireplace mix in with the wall or emerge as the room’s point of convergence. Provided that you need to spruce up the look of a dated brick fireplace, attempt painting it white. A white shade gives the room a brilliant, breezy feel and regularly draws the eye to the fireplace. You can additionally highlight your brick fireplace by painting it the same shade as the room’s trim and woodwork. Since the trim is more often than not an alternate shade than the wall color, the differentiation between the fireplace and wall causes point out the fireplace. Then again, provided that you like to de-stress the fireplace, paint it to match the walls that encompass it so it mixes into the room seamlessly.

Tile It

While painting your fireplace can conceal the brick’s color, it can’t mask its composition. Assuming that you like to cover your brick fireplace encompass totally, consider tiling over it. You can select a natural look with a textured stone tile like slate or utilize a cleaned stone tile like marble or rock to make a more rich look. Notwithstanding, assuming that you incline toward a vibrant, vivid look, earthenware tile may be the best alternative. You can find artistic tile in an extensive variety of shades and designs, so you can make a hand craft for your fireplace that turns it from a blemish to the room’s strongest feature.

Cover With Plaster

Plastering your fireplace is another choice provided that you need to cover the brick totally. With plaster, you can alter the composition of your completed fireplace encompass. Smooth, cleaned plaster offers a smooth, present day look, while a tough situation, plaster completion makes an at home, provincial look. Covering your brick fireplace with plaster additionally permits you to advance the encompass so it quickly turns into the point of convergence of the room. You can make a beautiful search for your fireplace with plaster also in light of the fact that you can tint it in an assortment of shades before you apply it to the fireplace. The point when picking plaster, make sure to pick a fire-safe mixed bag, for example gypsum plaster or sinewy plasterwork.

Add a Mantel

Assuming that you like your brick fireplace yet need to give it a facelift, adding a mantel can furnish a new look. A wooden mantel is a perfect alternative since its regular warmth complements the rural look of the brick. You can decide on a basic wooden piece over the highest point of the fireplace or a mantel with ornamental molding that covers the top and sides for a more formal look. Depending on the style you lean toward, you can stain the mantel so its common complete sparkles through or paint it for a more beautiful look. For a modest, sumptuous look, a white mantel can make the brick stand out.

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