In order to have the best ideas for making a great fireplace, you must first consider what makes a great fireplace. What is the purpose of your fireplace? How do you want your fireplace to look? These are questions we must ask ourselves when looking for ideas to ensure we have the fireplace that is best for us.

What Are Some Ideas for a Great Fireplace?

To help us calculate the best ideas for a great fireplace we need to surmise what it is we expect from our fireplace. What are the “duties” of our fireplace?

Ideas for a Good Performing Firebox or Fire Pit

The “firebox” or fire pit is where your fire is built in your fireplace. A good firebox is lined with firebricks. As time advances more and more exceptional material is coming on the market.

Who would ever think that the place where you build your fire can have some uniqueness and color to it spilling over onto the hearth and even out to the surround. Soapstone is all of the rage and comes in several colors and hues. You can get it in prefabricated bricks or have it especially carved out in a custom manner for a “one piece” firebox.

Ideas for a Well Functioning Chimney or Flue

A chimney or flue for your fireplace is often made of the same bricks as your firebox. Usually the same flue can be used if you have a wood burning fireplace insert. It is important to keep your chimney or flue clean. This can be done with the help of a professional “Chimney Sweep” and burning well seasoned hard wood.

Ideas for a Strong and Decorative Hearth

Hearths come in many sizes and shapes. They can be quite decorative and add distinctive charm to your overall fireplace. Many like a sitting place or bench on the fire hearth, which is also known as a “raised hearth”. To add a decorative flair use some patterned flame retardant cushions on your fireplace hearth. These can be removed when not in use.

Ideas for a Good Looking Surround

The ideas for a good looking surround are many. The surround is what makes the face of your fireplace. When visitors remember your fireplace they are basically remembering your surround. The mantle also sits upon the surround. Some have mantles and some do not.

The styles for a fireplace are as numerous as the styles for furniture or architecture in building. Many of the flairs in decorating the fireplace surround do come from architecture and building finishes.

Colonialism is an example of style as it began in other countries and the settlers brought it to their current country and added their own twist as they made fireplaces. This is a surround style which is traditional and “Colonial”. Everyone loves a colonial fireplace.

Styles get revived and each time they are revived they are different. “Classicism” and “Neoclassicism” are good examples of this. There are so many styles it would be nigh impossible to list the influences.

A good example of influence in fireplaces is the marble and column type of “Roman Architecture” which is a favorite of many. Gothic, Modern, Contemporary, and Art Deco are all styles. “Do-It-Your-Selfers” can imitate most any look they want. The best and easiest bet if you want a very authentic look imitating a certain style or time period is to shop for one of the exquisitely made prefabricated surrounds.

Ideas for a Stylish and Functional Mantle

Classical mantles, such as in the U.S.A. where they hang their Christmas stockings waiting for Santa Clause to come, are very beautiful and picture worthy. Ornately carved wood with scrolled edges are highly desirable. “Victorian Era” gilt mantles were a sight to behold in their intricate golden glory.

During the pioneer days in America the fireplace mantle, if they were fortunate enough to have one, might have been only a huge rough beam carried and lifted by several men helping one another. The gun and special treasures were often kept on the fireplace mantle.

Modern decorating ideas for a fireplace are as many as there are for surrounds, which are too numerous to elaborate on. As with surrounds, the mantels come in a wide array of prefabricated ones imitating any style you could possibly dream up. The best idea here is to go prefab.

The Best Ideas for Great Fireplaces

The options are many on the market today to make a really great fireplace for all. The choices of prefabrication as a decorative touch is the icing on the cake. It is hard to say what the best idea would be when it comes to a great fireplace, but many would say that prefabrication is the key for success.