There are many remarkable yet fairly easy ways to rejuvenate a fireplace. You might want to turn your fireplace into a “Smart Fireplace”, stepping in line with leading technology. Many simply need a way to upgrade or change the looks of their fireplace for a fresh new release. Some of the strongest ways to do this are employing the use of tiles, stucco, and prefabricated surrounds.

The fireplace mantel can also play a big role in fresh new looks. Even removing the mantle and going for a straight lined modern look with a surround that is “seamless” and meshes with the wall of the room would be very rejuvenating. These contemporary fireplaces look like an open square or arched square cut out in your wall. The appearance it gives you is only that of the opening and seeing the firebox or pit. These go especially nice with electric flame producing fireplaces taking on a smart role.

Many mount their flat screen televisions over these kind of contemporary fireplaces creating a combination fireplace/entertainment center. Hidden electric features in the camouflaged surround are also featured with this kind of fireplace. On occasion the lines can be broke up from the smoothness with either a built in slab for seating purposes or built in book shelves completing the total looks.

How Do You Rejuvenate a Fireplace?

There are many ways to rejuvenate a fireplace as mentioned earlier. The most common and efficient way is to redo or remodel the surround, or face of your fireplace is with brick or rock veneer. Ceramic tiles are also a good choice for adding a fresh new look to your fireplace.

Many paint their fireplace to add some life to it combining it with veneer or tile and moldings on occasion. There are many avenues you could go with this, for sure. A really fantastic way of rejuvenating your fireplace is to turn it into a “Smart Fireplace”. How would you go about this?

This is best done with an electric fireplace. Many excellent styles and contemporary ones are on the market. Some want the ambiance of the soft glow of a flickering flame with no heat output at times. Heat is an option if you need it during cooler months.

Combine Your Entertainment System and Smart T.V. With Your Fireplace

Innovative technology flowing in from IT(Information Technology) Companies have offered us many advantages not thought of in the past.

Heat management technology can be applied to your fireplace as part of the overall system for distributing heat. You can also have flames without heat for the mere pleasure of a fire. This is usually done with an electric flame producing fireplace.

Above the fireplace is an excellent place for your “Smart T.V” or television, which ever you have. The lines and decor create harmony together.

The “Smart T.V.” and the “Smart Fireplace” can be controlled by remote control and computer applications. The remote function for the fireplace can turn it off and on, or adjust the flames and heat level. These functions and applications are quickly being added to the “Smart Phone” as it is completely computer compatible enough to run an entire “Smart Home”.

Install an Intermittent Pilot Ignition System

This system monitors the flame and ignition of your electric fireplace around the clock. It will save you time and money. It also creates the idea environment for safety.

“How To’s” Remain the Same With a Smart Fireplace While Renovating the Surround

(Make sure you leave electric outlets uncovered when you apply new surfaces to your fireplace surround.) Fresh looks are to be found for the face of your surround in many forms and materials. Good fireplace paint is on the market in several colors for a quick rejuvenation of your fireplace.

Tile and stucco are easily done on cement, brick, and flat stones. You do not need surface preparation with these hard strong surfaces. You simply apply mortar for the tiles, place them, and apply grout.

Stucco is the same way, you apply a base coat of stucco and put grooves in it so a second coat will stick to it. If you are resurfacing wood or another surface besides cement, stone, or brick, you will need to add a metal lath before tiling or applying stucco.

How To Rejuvenate a Fireplace is Attainable Through Many Available Methods

There are many things you can do for a quick rejuvenation in the decor of your fireplace. Some of these you can do yourself with a trip to the local building supply store. As mentioned earlier; paint, tile, and stucco are excellent and affordable ways to rejuvenate your fireplace.