Fireplace Renovation Idea

Change the fireplace with a three-part renovation thought -incorporate the encompass (the exterior wall around the firebox opening), the mantle and the hearth to make a complete remodeling. Consider the renovation a chance to manufacture a point of convergence in the room. Pick materials that improve the existing room configuration, are dynamic and draw regard for the wonderfulness of a shining fire. Start with the encompass.

Fireplace Renovation Idea

Change the Surround

Choose what look best fits the existing adornment and pick a new surface material to encompass the fireplace opening. Case in point, a cabin themed room or an ethnic adornment may profit from hand-painted tiles. For hand-painted tiles, the examples and styles are abundant –early American topics like blue and white, a Talavera example or an Italian fresco are only a couple of decisions. Visit a fired tile showroom for additional plans or consider utilizing work by a neighborhood ceramic artist. Use strong colors or easing engraved tiles as edge items. Make a clean, level beat edge keeping in mind the end goal to effectively add a mantle. Consider accentuating the fireplace further via convey the material up to the full tallness of the ceiling.

Add a Mantle

Mantles will fit the style of the fireplace encompass. Universal or bungalow style tiles work well with a cornice-style mantel. Mantels could be acquired at home improvement stores and through specialty retailers as a solitary thing as well as packs. Units normally incorporate a full edge that covers three sides of the fireplace encompass. Either can work with a tile fireplace encompass. Mantels made of wood could be stained or painted to match the ornamentation. Many premade mantels and units are sold unfinished or prepared and primed for painting. Consider railroad ties or unpleasant cut wood as a mantelpiece or have a craftsman make a mantel box that could be connected above the fireplace and tiled in a comparable manner to the encompass. A basic, painted box made to the width of the fireplace encompass works well for a more up to date fireplace renovation.

Outline a Hearth

To finish a three-part fireplace renovation, add a hearth at the foot of the fireplace. This could be a three-dimensional hearth that extends over the base of the fireplace or an even surface put equitably with the floor. Pick a solitary shade from the improving tile, utilize a slate or tile that matches the interior of the fireplace box (giving a surface augmentation from the case into the room) or raise the hearth above the floor line with a basic concrete piece that matches the width of the fireplace opening. Consider a half-adjust wood or fired move strip around the hearth zone as an image indication of a surface change in materials.

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