There are many good ideas for fireplace renovation. Renovation is restoring something to its original good condition or making it seem new. This is often done with buildings too, you might see a shopping mall getting a renovation.

Most traditional fireplace surrounds of the past were made of concrete, stone, brick, or wood. There are ways to restore the original beauty of your fireplace by bringing it back to its glory days. Perhaps you are wanting to update or want a whole new fresh look for your fireplace, which takes on the form of remodeling.

What Are Some Good Renovation Ideas for Your Fireplace?

How do you restore the natural beauty of your fireplace? It would depend upon what your fireplace is structured of. When most think of good looks to do with their fireplace, they are thinking of their surround. This is basically the face of your fireplace. Here are some good ideas for renovating your brick or wooden fireplace surround.

Brick Fireplace Surround Restoration Ideas

Bricks are very durable yet sometimes they do suffer a certain loss of appeal in appearance. You can try cleaning them with different methods such as soap and water. Some say vinegar is the way to go. You need to remember that the older bricks were were very porous unlike the smooth slick surface of your standard red brick of today. The old bricks of yesterday didn’t take well to a lot of water soaking their surface. Commercial brick and grout cleaners are on the market made especially for situations such as the grimy dirty brick that yearns to return to its original beauty.

You really can’t clean an old brick too much, but you might try “antiquing” it with a stain or glaze of a darker color. Dry-brushing with a Burgundy tone would produce excellent results, you might also try a pigmentation to restore the color of your bricks or enhance them for a beautiful fresh result.

Sealer, almost like a varnish adds deep rich color to made an old brick seem new. Linseed oil is another good way to restore luster to old bricks, you simply wipe it with a cloth and polish it with pressure. It is almost as if you are using oil to clean your bricks, which basically you are as you breathe new life back into them. 

Antique Wooden Surround Restoration Ideas

Antique wood on a fireplace surround is restored just as you would restore a piece of antique furniture. You also take care of antique wood on a fireplace just as you would a fine piece of wood furniture. Neglected wood fireplaces often exhibit a built up of dirt and grime. Many seem dry with no oil or luster. So how would you go about restoring their original beauty?

Probably the best choice or renovation idea would be to strip it down to the original wood with a commercial stripper following the precautions and directions precisely. After this it would need to be neutralized. To neutralize the wood after using a stripper use a steel wood pad soaked in white spirit, or proprietary wax. When you are rubbing the wooden surround with steel wool follow the grain of the wood.

To restore the sheen and luster of the antique wooden surround apply finishing oil for wood to it with a nice soft cloth such as an old cloth diaper or T-shirt. Make sure the cloth is lint free. Rub the oil into the wood using a circular polishing motion applied with pressure. Back in the olden days the hands were used to oil and polish furniture. The longer you rub the oil in the better it is. If you want you can apply a commercial varnish or stain of some sort, but sheer raw oil is always the best for a nice smooth wood finish with a sheen.

Successful Fireplace Renovation Ideas

You can be successful in restoring your fireplace to its natural beauty. Find out the history of your fireplace surround and what it is made of. Do research and find out the best way to take care of brick, stone, and wood, to do the best you can for a successful fireplace renovation.