Fireplace refacing ideas are plentiful, especially with the wide array of prefabricated fireplace fronts on the market today. Basically changing the face of your fireplace is changing the surround. The surround is the main face of your fireplace that people see.

Many “do-it-your-self” projects are fairly economical and can produce good results for what appears to be a total make-over. Painting your fireplace is probably the easiest way to give your fireplace a new face. Many good results can be had with paint. Solid colors such as “Slate Gray” with accents of a deep blue around the base and once again in a bold strip around the top make a great statement saying “Contemporary”.

You can divide the color change around the deep blue painted stripe with molding strips painted a complimentary color if you like. The sky is barely the limit when it comes to refacing with paint as your tool.

Many are turning their fireplaces into combination entertainment centers. The looks you can achieve are very exciting with a little dreaming and imagination. Tiling and stucco are an inexpensive option for refacing your fireplace with great results. Once again the selection process is immense.

Stucco is neat because you can add a pigment to it creating the color as part of the process. You can even apply deep red tint to your stucco creating a strong look when combined with other decorative elements in your over all design of your living quarters. Navy Blue stucco would look great in a sea type atmosphere incorporating brass as a trim. You could combine this with a lighter blue paneled wall complete with port holes such as you would find on a luxury liner.

Fireplace Refacing Ideas Using Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is all the rage when it comes to refacing your fireplace surround. A lot are using wood pallets as their source of reclaimed wood because they are easily attainable and already in a nice pre- distressed state. Some worry about it not being like stone or bricks and it might catch fire easily, but this is not really something to worry about if you install it wisely as a cover up for your brick or stone fireplace as a reface for your surround.

There is an “International Residential Code” that many municipalities use in determining such factors and adopt as their own. It states that wood sheathing can be used on a fireplace as long as it is at least 6 inches from the opening of the firebox. People have been using wood on the fireplace surround for many centuries. If you are in doubt check with your local permitting office. What are some factors and good ideas when it comes to using reclaimed wood?

Most Desirable Reclaimed Wood

The highly desirable authentic reclaimed wood for a fireplace surround comes from barns, old wooden warehouses, gym floors, and other classically beautiful wood sources. Keep your eyes peeled out for possibilities. If you see someone tearing down a wooden structure, ask them what they are going to do with the wood. You can also buy reclaimed wood over the internet but it can get expensive. Shop around and compare prices and quality.

Faux Reclaimed Wood

Faux reclaimed wood is new wood, or even wood made of other materials simulating wood. It is made to look distressed and aged at the factory. Some of the faux wood is actually made from the same material as a standard tile so you would be able to apply them with mortar easily. You could use these and apply them to your fireplace surround in an inlay type design. The design possibilities are seemingly endless.

The Options Are Many When It Comes to Fireplace Refacing Ideas

Another way that you could reface your fireplace is with stone veneer. It comes in many kinds of stone types, including granite, and is fairly simple to apply. The application is comparable to tiles and stucco. It is larger to work with than tiles on the average and is similar to stone fireplace panels. Fireplace panels are another good idea when it comes to refacing your fireplace, and they have incredible style, just as many of the other options do.