Fireplace Refacing Ideas

A fireplace is an essential point of convergence in any room, however yours may be shrieking for a cosmetic touch up. You have a mixture of decisions in terms of refacing your fireplace, from characteristic stone to stone lacquer, wood or glass tiles. You can even repaint your existing brick for a cheap answer for a highly required update.

Fireplace Refacing Ideas

Glass Tiles

Refacing your brick or drywall fireplace with glass tiles is a work serious and unmanageable task, however the effects are well worth the inconvenience and the liability. A glass-tile fireplace sparkles with translucent shade and is a striking point of convergence in your room. You can apply the tile straightforwardly over the brick or over drywall, however you shouldn’t apply glass in excess of a synthesis surface. Masonry and drywall hold heat contrastingly. The glass could break assuming that one area heats up quicker than another.


A slate-tile fireplace is a delightful decision for refacing your fireplace. The rural, uneven appeal of the slate makes a notable example on the surface of your fireplace. You can add the slate tile straightforwardly over the brick, or you can cover the brick with plywood before adding the tiles for a more even substrate. Apply your slate tiles with thinset mortar. Depending on your outline decisions, you can elect to have a grout line between every tile or you can lay the slate with no grout for a smoother surface.

Stone Veneer

You can find stone finishes produced out of a mixed bag of true stones to effectively reface your fireplace encompass. These items are lightweight and simple to instate for a custom complete that gives off an impression of being a fireplace made totally from strong shake. The finishes are dainty and might be applied straight over concrete, brick or any structurally sound surface.


Reface your fireplace with a wood encompass that will breathtakingly change your room’s manifestation. You can make a configuration with wood strips that run evenly or vertically to the ceiling, or you can outline geometric shapes like square squares, triangles or rectangles to add interest to your fireplace. In the event that your unique encompass is brick, you’ll need to cover it with a plywood backboard before you establish the wood confronting. Paint or stain your wood before you append it to the plywood for simpler finalizing.


The minimum unmanageable approach to reface your brick fireplace is to paint it to coordinate with your room’s décor. Some paint suppliers suggest arranging the masonry surface with conditioner preceding painting, and after that emulating with latex first stage and paint. The most critical aspect of painting brick is arrangement; altogether remove any trash with a wire brush and a vacuum before cleaning it with cleanser and water. The brick ought to be totally dry before you apply the first stage.

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