Perhaps your fireplace mantle has seen better days and needs a renovation. In some cases it is best to just take your fireplace mantle off and redo the whole front of your surround. This is especially true if you want to update from traditional to a more modern look with contemporary pizazz.

The straight line fireplaces of today look really great. Many are transforming their mantles into areas for entertainment features such as a flat screen television. “Cubbies” are made for the storing of different articles related to entertainment. Extra spaces, or cubes, are especially welcome if you have a “gamer” in your household. You will want to be sure to include electric outlets near your fireplace mantle as an added feature when renovating your fireplace mantel.

Successful Fireplace Mantel Renovation Ideas Made Easy

Resourceful ideas for an efficient fireplace mantle renovation are many. You are not working with a real large area, but you will need to bear in mind the rest of your fireplace structure. The surround is the entire area around your fireplace that people see in addition to the mantle.

The eyes are naturally drawn to the mantle, plus this is where you hang your stockings for Christmas if Santa Claus comes to your house. What are some good ideas for renovation of your fireplace mantle?

Renovation of a Wooden Mantle

You will need to take stock of the current condition of your wooden mantle. If it is securely attached to the surround, the area behind it, it is in good shape and worth saving, or renovating. There is always the chance that if it is loose from the wall it can be reattached if you are happy with its appearance and performance otherwise.

If the main problem is the wood being old, dry, and lacking luster, you can sand it down and refinish it. There are several finishes and stains on the market which would be good for this. Linseed oil is also a good idea to bring luster back to wood. This would be best without a varnish type finish. Natural wood without a finish takes well to oils and stains.

Renovation of a Brick Mantle

Brick fireplace mantles are usually made as part of the overall surround. As long as the brick is in good condition and the structure is sound, there is a good chance of successful renovation. Restoring the bricks back to their original beauty would be the idea situation.

How would you go about restoring the bricks if they have lost their color and beauty? One could simply remove the brick mantle and replace the whole mantle with a really nice wooden one, which would not be a real big construction job.

If your heart is really set on restoring your brick mantle, you might first try cleaning the bricks to see if that improves their appearance. A good idea for adding luster to old bricks is to stain them or tint them with commercial preparations found on the market made especially for bricks. You can change the general over all appearance of your bricks with out getting a kit if you have good artistic flair.

To do this take some darker colored stain and rub the very edges of your bricks using a soft cloth working the stain into them. Gently fade the stain until you go out about ½ inch and the middle of the brick has no stain. Take linseed oil, once again using a soft cloth, and polish your bricks with it, using a circular motion.

The longer you do this the better your bricks will look. Don’t worry about polishing with oil over the stained area as you want to polish the entire brick, even over the stain. You will get a very good look with this method for bringing the life back to your brick fireplace mantle.

Fireplace Mantel Renovation Ideas Conclusion

If you want to go for a good idea as an option for covering the old bricks on your fireplace with new ones, the easiest and best method would be to apply brick or stone veneer. It is as simple to apply as tiles, only a little larger in size to work with. The veneer can actually come with a brick texture, complete with grouting.

If you are having a problem matching your mantle to the rest of your fireplace surround (the area around the fireplace), it would not be a big problem or much more work to cover the whole surround with the same brick veneer. Fireplace mantle renovations can become an attainable reality with all of the affordable solutions on the market today.