Fireplace Mantel Remodeling Ideas

Fireplace mantels are as ancient as mom and apple pie. Without them we’d don’t have any place to hang our Christmas stockings or show that huge award. The mantel is also the right place to mount that heirloom fire arm or the trophy fish from your massive trip. Fireplace mantels are available in 2 styles: free floating or shelf only, and full surround with support panels on either facet of the firebox connected to the mantel shelf.

Replacing the Mantel

Commercial mantels are available in each free floating and surround versions. Choose the end color and elegance and swap it out for your previous one. you’ll be able to realize them at home centers and hardware stores, or at on-line fireplace retailers.

Build your own mantel shelf. choose the lumber and moldings to form your own custom mantel. Use premade moldings to save time and energy. Your home center carries a large type of moldings that may be purchased by the foot.

Buy a vintage mantel piece. architectural antique dealers specialise in reclaiming previous building materials. Produce an uncommon look with one among these fantastically crafted fireplace mantels. Ask around with local carpenters or antique dealers to seek out a range in your space.

Refinishing the Mantel

A new coat of paint will work wonders for an outdated mantle. Clean the surface completely and use a high quality oil based primer before applying paint.

If the stain is in fitness, a recent clear coat of polyurethane or vinyl can brighten up the end. Make sure the end you decide on is rated for the heat it’ll take from a fire.

Strip and refinish wood that wants it. take away the mantel, if potential, before setting out to work. several mantels merely lift off of their supports. If not, look around the surface edge for screws or nails that are holding it in place. Take away the mantel gently to avoid injury to the structure.

Redesigning the Mantel

Attach extra moldings to supply additional architectural interest. Choose wood grain and end that compliments the prevailing woodwork.

Remove moldings for an easier, cleaner look. surface the complete mantel shelf to assist the new exposed areas mix in. Use multiple coats of stain or maybe multiple colours to match the prevailing end.

Add details like painted tiles or metal decorations to the mantel to alter the planning. Choose components that match the rest of your decor.

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