Fireplace Mantel Remodeling Ideas

Fireplace mantels are as accepted as mother and apple pie. Without them we might have no spot to hang our Christmas tights or show that enormous grant. The mantel is likewise the ideal place to mount that treasure fire arm or the trophy fish from your huge trek. Fireplace mantels come in two styles: free gliding or retire just, and full encompass with backing boards on either side of the firebox joined with the mantel rack.

Fireplace Mantel Remodeling Ideas

Replacing the Mantel

Business mantels are accessible in both free drifting and encompass renditions. Pick the completion color and style and swap it out for your old one. You can find them at home focuses and handyman shops, or at online fireplace retailers.

Manufacture your own particular mantel rack. Pick the wood and moldings to make your own particular custom mantel. Use premade moldings to save time and energy. Your home focus conveys a wide mixed bag of moldings that could be bought by the foot.

Purchase a vintage mantel piece. Building obsolescent merchants specialize in recovering old building materials. Make an unordinary look with one of these flawlessly created fireplace mantels. Ask around with neighborhood craftsmen or obsolescent merchants to discover a selection in your general vicinity.

Refinishing the Mantel

A new layer of paint can work ponders for an antiquated mantel. Clean the surface completely and utilize a quality oil based preparation before applying paint.

Provided that the stain is in exceptional condition, a new clear cover of polyurethane or vinyl will light up the completion. Determine the completion you pick is appraised for the heat it will take from a fire.

Strip and resurface wood that needs it. Remove the mantel, if conceivable, before starting to work. Many mantels essentially lift off of their backings. If not, look around the outside edge for screws or nails that are holding it set up. Remove the mantel delicately to keep away from harm to the structure.

Updating the Mantel

Append additional moldings to furnish more structural interest. Pick wood grain and fulfill that compliments the existing woodwork.

Remove moldings for a less difficult, cleaner look. Revamp the whole mantel retire to help the newly uncovered territories mix in. Use various layers of stain or even numerous shades to match the existing completion.

Add portions, for example painted tiles or metal enhancements to the mantel to change the look. Pick elements that match whatever is left of your décor.

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