Great ideas for remodeling your fireplace mantle come in many forms. The mantle is a good feature of your fireplace to work with because it is a fairly simple process to remove and replace the whole mantle with one of the fantastic prefabricated kits on the market.

Rather you are just wanting to remodel the mantle you have or go for a whole new one is entirely up to you. Perhaps you already have in mind what look you are going for to bring your mantle up-to-date with a whole new style.

Remodeling Ideas and Tips for Your Fireplace Mantle

You will want to take into stock the style or look you are going for when remodeling your fireplace mantle. You will also need to survey what you are working with as far as your existing mantle.

Almost all methods and techniques are good to work with when it comes to a fireplace mantle because the area isn’t quite so big as the entire surround. You will also need to reckon with the base of your mantle and what it attached to. The fireplace mantle is attached to the surround and the wall behind it or studs in the wall. Ceramic tiles are a good idea for remodeling your fireplace. Lets take a look at them.

Ceramic Tile On Your Fireplace Mantle

Tiling your fireplace mantle can be a fairly easy feat. Tiles come in all sizes, smaller ones on the front of the mantle, and larger on top would look tremendously good. It would look nice as a fireplace mantle idea to match the ceramic tiles on the fireplace with a line of matching tiles going down the surround as an outline.

Patterned ceramic tiles, such as the ones with flowers on them, like blue silhouettes on white, look fantastic when matched up with or alternated with solid colored tiles in the same color or accent format.

Complimenting colors can also be nice, as can contrasting colors. Learn what options are available to you before you make your final color selection. Preparation for “tiling” your mantle depends upon what your mantle is made of. If it is made of concrete, flat stone, or brick, your surface area needs no preparation.

Applying Metal Lath On Wooden Mantle for Ceramic Tiling

If your fireplace is made of wood, or another material (except for cement, brick, or flat rock), you will need to apply a “metal lath” for added strength and tile adhering properties.

A metal lath is like a sheath netting made from metal. It will be fairly simple to cover your wooden mantle with so you can tile it. The metal lathe or sheath is nailed to the mantle, much like you would nail stucco wire to a wooden house before putting stucco on it. Metal lath for tiling and stucco wire for stucco run on the same principle.

Apply Tiles

After you put the metal lath on your wooden fireplace mantle, you simply slather the mortar on your prepared surface. Remember if your mantle is cement, brick, or flat rock, it requires no metal lath and no preparation. Place your ceramic tiles in the pattern that you want them in.

For the front part of your mantel you can actually get quite creative using smaller tiles creating a mosaic. After you set the tiles in mortar, let them dry for about 24 hours, then you apply grout in the crevices and smooth it out. Wipe off any grout that gets smeared out of place with a soft cloth such as an old T-Shirt rag. Eventually after the grout cures (usually about a week) you can add a sealer.

It is best to pick up the style of your entire fireplace surround and hearth when remodeling your fireplace mantle. You can also add tiles to other areas of your fireplace to carry out the design, or simply pick up on accent coloring, as mentioned earlier.

Successful Fireplace Mantle Remodeling Ideas

There are many remodeling ideas for the “Do-It-Your-Selfer” which can be successful as a good presentation in style. Stucco is one of these which really isn’t complicated and it looks ever so good when completed.

You do stucco much the same as tile except you are using stucco mix as your base coat (and second coat) with no tile laying. You can get tints from your paint store to add coloring to your stucco as a good idea for remodeling your fireplace mantle. Good ideas galore are yours for mega success in the remodeling of your fireplace mantle.