Updating the Fireplace Mantle and Tile

New Craftsman vogue tiles on the ground and surround of the firebox. we have a tendency to found the recent picket mantle within the garage once we have a tendency to bought the house. It had been sitting in an exceedingly pool of water had been sand blasted to get rid of the paint. However that effectively destroyed the graceful end of the wood, and created massive woodgrain “grooves” that went deep into the surface of the wood. Tather than applying a brand new veneer, we use Zar wood patch to fill the grooves, and sanded over with the micro sander.

You see me sanding the hearth surround before the tile was set. I truly removed the surround to put the tile, then place the facade over the front. the sides were powerful, and that we still would like a final little bit of trim along the road between the time and therefore the wood of the mantle surround.

We used a grout color that was taken from the reddish accent color inside the tiles themselves, so as to relinquish a trifle additional “pop” to every tile.