How to Remove Old Brick

A well-made brick wall may be a durable structure that may last for many years. If you’ve got a broken brick that must get replaced or are looking to cut a window into the wall, you’ll have to be compelled to remove old bricks. The trick isn’t damaging the surrounding bricks. If you’re thinking that you will need to save the bricks to use as replacements down the road, you’ll also need to use caution to not damage what you’re removing.


  1. Verify how many bricks will be removed and wherever. You’ll need to start out with the best brick and work your way down.
  2. Grind out the mortar surrounding the brick. be careful to not grind the brick itself. This suggests you’ll in all probability still have mortar on and round the brick.
  3. Place the chisel on the mortar round the brick. Hammer the chisel into the mortar, outlining the brick. You’ll also need to chisel away the mortar on the surrounding bricks that are remaining.

Tips & Warnings

  • When you have removed the bricks, use an industrial vacuum to wash out any dirt or debris and so wash the section down with water before you are doing any longer work in the area.
  • Muriatic acid are often applied to bricks to get rid of excess mortar from them. Soak the brick with the acid, being careful to not get the acid on the areas wherever you would like mortar to stay.