How to Upgrade & Remodel a Brick Fireplace

Upgrading your brick fireplace may be as modest as covering the whole zone with a new material. Wood paneling could be requested in various styles and custom sizes. By covering up your old brick fireplace you can overhaul the room without the annoy and expenditure of having the brick removed. Hold the budget under wraps by requesting the supplies straight from a cabinet producer and instituting the boards yourself. You can have a new looking fireplace in a weekend.


  1. Measure the range precisely and request wood paneling from a cabinet creator or craftsman. Make certain to tell the cabinet producer that you will be instating the boards over brick walls. The manufacturer will give you spaces on the back sides of the boards for mounting spikes. Mounting spikes are strong bits of wood that commission straightforwardly to the brick. The boards are then connected to the fitting.
  2. Measure the spaces on the back of the boards. Measure the separation from the top and both sides for each of these pieces.
  3. Slice mounting spikes to fit your measurements. Utilize 2-by-4 timber and trim it with the intention that it will fit cozily inside the spaces.
  4. Position the mounting spikes on the wall. Drill a gap through the fitting and the brick. Utilize a masonry drill bit. A customary touch will be demolished by the brick. Slide a concrete stay into the gap in the brick. Embed concrete screws through the mounting fitting and into the brick.
  5. Position the boards over the mounting spikes. Connect the boards to the wall by hammering a nail through the board and into the fitting. Use complete nails to minimize the harm done to the boards. Space the nails 6 to 8 inches separated. Fill nail openings with wood putty.