How to Remodel the Fireplace Hearth

A fireplace hearth is frequently ignored. Ordinarily, fireplace mantels and the fireplace itself have a tendency to get a mess more consideration than the hearth. Rather, the hearth remains old fashioned and in requirement of repair. Homeowners can have a tremendous effect in the look of their fireplace by basically tiling a fireplace hearth.


  1. Plan the substrate of the hearth by leveling concrete with slim set, or adding backer board to a plywood subfloor.
  2. Ensure the surrounding flooring by taping plastic drop cloths to the region.
  3. Utilize a measuring tape to place the core purpose of the hearth. To do this, utilize a pencil to stamp a line going down the center of the width of the hearth and one going down the focal point of the length of the hearth. This may as well make a x check at the focal point focus.
  4. Dry-lay the tiles. Begin at the focal point purpose of the hearth and lay the tiles without meager set. This may as well give you an exceptional thought of where the tiles need to be, and what number of will be cut.
  5. Blend the dainty set with the latex additive according to the manufacturer headings. When blended, apply the dainty set with an indented trowel.
  6. Lay the tiles, making a point to place a spacer between each of the tiles for a grout joint. Close to the edges, utilize a tile saw to slice the tiles to size. Permit to dry overnight.
  7. Blend and apply grout to the tiles with an elastic buoy. Utilize a soggy wipe to remove the overabundance grout from the tiles.
  8. Caulk the joint between the hearth and the floor.