How to Remodel a Floor-to-Ceiling Brick Fireplace

Many homeowners have a love-hate relationship with their brick fireplace. Fireplaces add warmth and character to a home. On the opposite hand, a floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace may be an unsightly ugliness that weighs down a space. In several cases, brick fireplaces became dated and owners need to do one thing about it. If you’ve got a floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace, one of the simplest and fastest ways that to remodel it’s by painting. Knowing however can get you on your means from dated to beautiful.


  1. Clean the brick of dirt, cobwebs or soot. Simply take a moist artefact and wipe down the entire fireplace. This may take some doing if you’ve got a floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace. It doesn’t ought to be perfect, simply freed from massive dirt or dust particles.
  2. Cover stains and soot, employing a paintbrush and oil-based primer. This is often also necessary as a result of brick tends to suck up a lot of paint, thus you’ll be able to economize on paint by adding a good coat of primer before painting. Let dry fully before painting.
  3. Paint the recently ready floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace with latex paint of your color alternative. The paint roller you employ ought to be designed for textured areas. Use a applier to induce into the mortar areas between the bricks. Let the paint dry before continuance.
  4. Apply more paint. The brick can in all probability want 2 or 3 coats of paint before it starts to seem nice.