How to Remodel a Fireplace

Many homeowners decide to remodel their fireplaces as a component of general renovation ventures, with the intention that the fireplace has an uniform look with whatever is left of the room. While you can more often than not buy complete fireplace units from home-improvement stores for a couple of hundred dollars, which could be both a mantel and the encompass, you can remodel a fireplace for even less with a little innovativeness.


  1. Scan through home-improvement magazines to create plans on how you need your new fireplace to look. On the grounds that its crucial for your fireplace to match the general plan of the room, you might as well additionally consider any planned interior renovations before you settle on a choice.
  2. Pick between brick or marble for the veneer of your new fireplace. Brick has prototypal offer, yet marble has gotten stylish lately for its smooth, special manifestation. Marble is likewise a superb elective for revamping a brick fireplace, since you can essentially lay the marble over the brick without needing to thump out the existing brickwork.
  3. Take faultless measurements from each possible point that you’ll be managing as you remodel your fireplace. Twofold check to guarantee that your measurements are right, and make certain that you get the right amounts of uniform marble, tiles or bricks. Otherwise, you might need to substitute off shades of marble, tile or brick so as to finish your undertaking, which will bring down the general look of the finalized item.
  4. Visit your nearby home-improvement store to buy the supplies you require. You’ll discover a wide mixed bag of bricks, tiling choices and marble veneers for fireplaces at generally home-improvement stores, and in addition all the tools and supplies you’ll require for the employment. You can additionally request from store partners supportive tips and traps to use at work.
  5. Begin from the top, and work your route down assuming that you have to remove and replace old bricks. A mason’s hammer or force drill set will be of gigantic serve to you assuming that you have to attempt this assignment as a feature of your fireplace remodeling. Etch off any remaining mortar once you’re carried out to make the wall surface as even as could be allowed before you overlay the new bricks.
  6. Lessen the mess–and your work-by laying new tile or marble right over top of old marble, tile or brick. Suspect the requirement to slice tile or marble to fit the needed sizes. You may have the ability to have that accomplished for you at the store where you purchased your supplies provided that you can supply them with precise measurements.
  7. Use special, heat-safe paint in the event that you need to overhaul the presence of your gas fireplace’s external packaging. This will prevent rankles from framing on the packaging the first occasion when you fire up the fireplace in the wake of applying new paint. Beware, however-some heat-safe paint can cause unfavorably susceptible responses in the event that its seethe are sniffed or in the event that it contacts the skin of delicate people.
  8. Join your new encompass last, once you have finalized with all repainting and resurfacing.