How to Remodel a Fireplace with Ceramic Tile

Fireplace encompasses could be an unpredictable part of any home outline. The fireplace is regularly seen as the point of convergence of the room, so when an uncovered brick encompass is not blending in, fired tile may be the reply. Any sort or style of clay tile might be commissioned on the fireplace encompass or hearth to give a crisp, new look. Whether you are tiling the whole fireplace wall, or simply around the firebox, instate clay tile to furnish your home with color, detail and interest.


  1. Cover any uncovered brick and plan the surface of the encompass to gain the artistic tile. Trowel on a layer of meager set mortar over the bricks of the encompass, smoothing the mortar with the even edge of the trowel until the encompass is smooth and level. Permit this mortar to dry overnight.
  2. Lay out the earthenware tiles in a zone of equivalent size to the encompass to be tiled. Plan out the outline of the tiles to figure out what number of will fit on the legs and top of the encompass, and where the tiles will be sliced to fit.
    Set the first tile for the purpose that it will lay simply above the firebox, in the focal point of the encompass. The following tiles will be laid to the right and left or more this tile, over the highest point of the encompass. Lay the leg tiles last.
  3. Mark the tiles that ought to be reduced to fit with a straight edge and pencil, and curtail them with a tile saw before twofold checking their fit with the other tiles.
  4. Fix the ceramic tiles on the encompass in the same example you made in your layout. Spread a small measure of slender set mortar at once straight onto the encompass. This time, rake the slender set with the scored end of the trowel to prepare edges which will help snatch and hold the tiles. Press every tile into the slim set and bend it into spot.
  5. Hold up 24 hours for the mortar to dry and after that grout your artistic tiles. Press the grout between the tiles utilizing the level of a grout buoy. Hold up ten minutes and after that wipe up any overabundance grout from your tiles utilizing a soggy wipe. Permit the grout to dry for an additional 24 hours and the whole establishment to cure for two to three weeks before hanging a mantle.