How to Remodel a Corner Fireplace

Over time corner fireplaces might look dull and drab and need remodeling to bring them back to life. Remodeling your corner fireplace permits you to vary the look and feel of it and enhances the atmosphere within the room. Corner fireplaces install diagonally within the corner of a room. They are doing not consume a large quantity of wall space and add an ornamental touch.


  1. Clean the brick on the fireplace along with your brush to remove all dust and mud.
  2. Wash the brick round the fireplace along with your rag, mild detergent and water. This ensures a clean operating surface. enable the bricks to dry before applying stain to them.
  3. Remove the outer glass panel from side of the corner fireplace. Gently pull the glass out of its selected area along with your hands. Repeat for the opposite glass panel. Set the glass panels on a flat surface to forestall it from probably breaking or injury.
  4. Insert new glass panels into the slots you removed the recent glass panels according to the manufacturer’s directions. Glass panels are available a spread of designs including clear or incised glass.
  5. Remove the old screen from your corner fireplace and fasten a new one in step with the manufacturer’s directions.
  6. Stain the bricks around the fireplace with stain and a rag. Stain comes in a sort of colours permitting you to vary the looks of the bricks. Open windows within the room for proper ventilation.
  7. Place a new log holder on the ground next to your corner the floor.
  8. Install a vent fan in your corner fireplace in step with the manufacturer’s directions. This enables the smoke and air to flow into safely.
  9. Install the trim round the corner fireplace on your wall. Hold a bit of trim in place along with your hands and secure it to the wall with finishing nails and your hammer. Repeat until all trim items are installed.