How to Redo Your Fireplace Tile

  1. Chisel out the recent tile. Chip out the grout 1st. Wedge the chisel beneath the sting of the tile to pry it loose.
  2. Sand down the surface once you take away the tile, in order that you have got a sleek space to figure. Use a grinder chip away the fabric and then a sander to end it up. If you do not wish to travel to the difficulty of creating the surface sleek, you’ll unfold thinset over the surface and sleek it out. Let the substance dry for twenty-four hours.
  3. Attach a wood strip the width of the hearth that’s to be tiled to make a bottom fringe of the higher section of the hearth. Screw it into place. Keep a level on it as you attach it to confirm that it stays horizontal.
  4. Measure the width of the hearth to work out the mid purpose. Draw a line up the middle of the hearth at the midpoint. this can keep the pattern of the tiles symmetrical.
  5. Spread thinset on the hearth simply higher than the wood strip. Run the ridged fringe of the trowel through it to make lines within the thinset. do not unfold on quite a couple of tiles value, in order that it does not dry out whereas you’re operating.
  6. Determine the pattern you would like for you tile, that is often staggered or one on prime of the opposite. For staggered tiles, set the primary tile in order that the middle of it’s on the middle line that you simply drew. For stacked tiles, set it in order that the left fringe of the tile is simply to the correct facet of the middle line.
  7. Place the remainder of the tiles within the row to the left and right of the primary tile. Press the tiles slightly into the thinset. Check the tiles with a level each once in an exceedingly whereas to confirm they’re straight. Place spacers between the tiles to stay them from sliding too shut. Repeat the method with the remainder of the rows higher than the primary, stacking them as you would like them.
  8. Remove the wood strip once the highest is finished. Apply tile down the perimeters of the hearth. Let the tile dry overnight.
  9. Spread grout over the tiles with a grout float. Press in in order that you’re employed the grout in between the tiles.

Allow the grout to dry till it’s firm to the touch. Wipe with a humid sponge to get rid of the surface grit. Leave the grout to dry overnight.