How to Paint and Remodel a Fireplace

Paint is an incredible approach to remodel a fireplace. Whether your fireplace is made of brick, stone, or wood, you can paint it. Generally stone or brick fireplaces have gotten old fashioned as homeowners search for lighter and brighter alternatives for their homes. Paint is a modest approach to upgrade a fireplace for a shoddy and lovely look. Nonetheless, painting a fireplace can take a breather and undertaking.


  1. Clean the fireplace. Fireplaces are grimy. Utilize a sodden cloth to wipe away soil and residue from the fireplace. In the event that the fireplace is brick, you may need to sit down for a bit to get into the notches to clean it.
  2. Cover the fireplace with oil-based preparation. Utilize a paintbrush to get into small spaces assuming that you are painting a rock or brick fireplace. Use oil-based first stage as a substitute for latex first stage. Oil-based preparation will square hardheaded ash stains and soil from indicating through the paint work. Permit the oil-based first stage more than enough time to dry.
  3. Paint the fireplace with latex paint. Utilize a high-snooze paint roller to get into the furrows of the stone or brick. A paintbrush might as well likewise be utilized to arrive at into corners or fissure. Wood fireplaces may as well paint effectively, yet brick or stone may require a few layers of latex paint on the grounds that they are a permeable material. Let the paint dry to the touch between every cover.
  4. Consider painting the mantel an alternate color or staining the wood to difference the paint. Painting or staining the mantel of the fireplace an alternate shade will make the mantel emerge.