How to Create a Fireplace Mantel

A new fireplace mantel will brighten up a whole room. This project uses customary lumber and crown molding to make a fresh trend.

Step 1: Demolition

Place a drop cloth on the floor round the hearth to catch falling soot and trash. Find and loosen the brackets that secure the recent fireplace doors. Take away the fasteners and lift the recent fireplace door unit out. If exchange the grate, take away that currently too.

Step 2: Mark for Mantel

Mantles are typically sixty inches off the ground. With a tape measure, mark a line 60″ higher than the floor. If there’s a raised hearth, live that separately individual basis to make sure an correct distance. Live the dimension of the fireside to find and mark the middle purpose.

Step 3: Attach Mantel Brace

Position the 2×4 mantel brace on the road at the middle purpose. Use A level to create sure the brace is dead horizontal. Mark and predrill holes to line up with the mortar joints. Attach the brace to the wall using 10-inch masonry screws.

Step 4: Attach Breastplate

Cut a breastplate from a 1×12 board to suit round the brace. Notch out a 3-1/3″ gap on the breastplate to just accept the mantel brace. Predrill holes close to the highest of the breastplate then fasten it to the wall with 2-inch masonry screws.

Step 5: Attach Mantel

With 45-degree miter cuts the least bit corners, place and fix the crown molding mantel to the brace and aegis with 1-inch finish nails.

Cut a bottom cap to suit tight to the bottom of the crown molding to present the mantle a solid look. Secure with 1-inch finish nails.

Step 6: Trim and Finish Mantel

Add any extra decorative trim to the fireplace shelf. Putty all nail holes, enable to dry and sand swish. Prime and paint the fireplace mantle.

Step 7: Install New Doors

The new fireplace doors go into similar to the recent doors. Attach the brackets loosely on the floor and insert insulation round the edges. carry the doors into place and tighten the screws by hand.