Fireplace Surround Demands

Fireplace Footing

The fireplace footing is that the a part of the inspiration that’s designed up to support the fireside hearth or insert. the fireside surround should be designed on this footing. attempting to create a surround on alternative flooring materials might end in structural weakness and fireplace hazards. invariably stick with a mortar backing. If you’re reaching to extend your surround, use a secure material like cement fiberboard for a subfloor.

Hearth Extension

The hearth extension is that the front a part of the encircling, all-time low fringe of the fireside that extends out across the ground. for many fireplaces, this extension should be a minimum of sixteen inches deep and eight inches wider on all sides to safeguard the immediate floor from heat injury or combustion. Naturally, the surround materials ought to even be fireproof, that is why stone, brick and rock materials are all common. For terribly massive fireplaces, with openings larger than half-dozen sq. feet, the extension has to be a minimum of twenty inches deep and a foot wider on all sides.

Alternative Sides

The fireplace surround does not simply extend over the ground, it additionally borders the opposite components of the fireside gap, too. On the highest and sides, the surround ought to extend a minimum of a foot for correct fire safety. Headers will be used to support fireplace extensions, however providing they’re located over twelve inches from the face of the fireside.


A number of variables will have an effect on these general surround necessities. for instance, if the fireside is constructed up from the ground, the surround additionally has to cowl the house between all-time low of the fireside face and also the floor itself. native building codes could add alternative necessities or additional length onto the surround, therefore invariably check your native codes before starting the project.