All About Fireplaces and Fireplace Surrounds. Types of Fires

Your alternative of fireside varieties are going to be narrowed down by what fuels are accessible to you, the development of your chimney, and whether or not it’s a flue liner. If you’ve got no chimney, you’ll install an electrical fireplace, a flueless gas fireplace or a gas fireplace designed to be used with a balanced or power flue.

Solid-Fuel Open Fires

A real fireplace burns wood or coal, or some will burn a variety of solid fuels. the foremost economical fires have a grate in order that an honest flow of air will get to the fireplace. Real fires could also be in an open fire or one with a fireback. Canopies are often used over giant fires that don’t draw well. the cover helps to direct combustion gases up into the flue.

Solid-Fuel Stoves

A woodburner or stove burns solid fuels. they’re put in on the inner fireplace of an open fire, or project onto the outer fireplace. The flue could connect on to a flue liner that either continues all the high the within of the chimney, or ends on the opposite aspect of a so-called register plate fitted across all-time low of an unlined flue.

Gas Fires

These are fuelled by natural gas or liquid propane. Running off the household gas offer, they’re terribly clean and convenient. makers can specify flue necessities