All About Fireplaces and Fireplace Surrounds. Types of Fireplaces

Several sorts and designs of ornamental fireplaces are offered. Will be a show space, or it should contain a solid fuel, electrical or gas fireplace. Every fuel has benefits, and a few regions have restrictions on burning specific varieties of fuel. The type of fireside you select are going to be influenced by fireside size, and flue size and sort.

Your choices when changing to a unique fuel sort, or putting in or renovating , rely on your place to begin. If you have already got a chimney , you’ll place any style of fireplace within the gap as long because the flue conforms to rules, otherwise you could choose to shut it up and judge on a wall-mounted style. If you do not have already got a fire, you’ll install a wood stove, construct a false gap and install a “real-effect” fireplace, or select a recent vogue.

Types of Fireplaces

If you’ve got a creative fire designed to burn solid fuel, it’ll be one in every of 2 varieties. the only is small over a gap at all-time low of the chimney. Alternatively, the gap could have a fireback, which may be ornamental and can typically improve how the fireplace burns as a result of the smaller gap (throat) creates a stronger draw of air up the chimney.

Basic Open Fireplace

This is merely a gap, typically fashioned in brick or stone, that extends upward from the chimney or flue. the scale of the gap could scale back at the throat of the hearth because it enters the flue section. you ought to certify previous fireplaces conform to current building rules.

Fireplace With Fireback

Firebacks sit within the gap of a basic open fire to replicate a larger quantity of warmth into the area. Firebacks are product of forged iron, fire-resistant bricks or concrete and frequently are available in 2 or a lot of elements.