Ideas for Changing the Look of a Fireplace

An old fashioned fireplace might be a blemish, yet with a couple of basic updates you can change a dull fireplace into a dazing point of convergence. Results run from resurfacing ventures with tile to building new encompasses to showcase top choice bits of art. Consider the structural style of your home and also your particular inclination when deciding on a new search for your fireplace.

Wood Surround

Make an accepted look by extending the fireplace plan with wood. Make implicit shelving and an intricately embellished mantel to describe the whole wall as a point of convergence in your space. Buy a prefabricated mantel or have a remarkable outline made by a woodworker or completion craftsman. Shelving may as well match in portion with coordinating crown molding and completions. Paint both the mantel and shelving encompass in the same tone for an unified look or add some extent with shade on the interior of the shelves. Highlight loved accumulations or your home library in the shelving for an at home and cozy outline.

Stretch out to Ceiling

For a basic weekend venture which will add show and interest to your fireplace, make a development of the mantel with fiberboard. Slice fiberboard to match the width of your existing fireplace to make a mantel broadening. Stick the fiberboard to the wall and enhance with molding for a finalized look. Paint the augmentation to match your existing mantel. This configuration works well with accepted fireplace outlines which have existing wooden mantels. To guarantee the growth is connected safely make sure to screw or nail it straight into the wall studs. Highlight the new addition by hanging an alluring surrounded art piece or realistic wall hanging.

Resurface With Tile

A tile mosaic encompass will give your fireplace a mixed look. Earthenware or glass tiles work well in fireplace outlines with the previous demonstrating a more financially savvy decision. Pick different shades for a fun rainbow impact or differed tones in the same shade family to make a new and cool configuration. For a straightforward and more versatile methodology, lay one impartial color tile for an unified look. Ash, slate or white will coordinate with many wall colors and plans permitting you to change the look of your room without needing to remodel your fireplace.