How to Apply a Dry-Brushing Technique to a Fireplace

Use a dry-brushing technique to form an aged and rustic hunt for a fireplace. Dry-brushing is applied by painting many layers of earthy-toned paint, and wiping away a number of the paint with water and a cloth.

Step 1: Paint the Fireplace with 3 Shades of Paint

To create the planning of many layers of previous paint, use 3 shades of paint, Bridgewater Tan, Wythe Blue and Richmond Gold. when dipping a brush more or less 1″ deep within the paint, paint irregular patches of every color willy-nilly over the brick, overlapping the sides of every color. this method of brushing a really small amount of paint over an area is thought as dry-brushing,

Step 2: Apply a Darker Shade

When the paint has dried, a darker brown shade (Mink) is painted over the brick. The paint is allowed to line up concisely before being sprayed with water and part wiped or blotted off (a technique known as pouncing) with rags, going away a light, aged look to the brick.