Remodeling of Lava Rock Fireplace

Lava Rock Fireplace Before

Sorry for the lousy image. This was a client’s lava rock fire. In fashionable fireplaces, most of the surfaces are simply facades covering a cinderblock or brick fire. In reworking the hearth, the surface is stripped off.

If you’re designing on doing this yourself, please take away solely the surface and don’t bit the underlying brick. there’s a lot of concerning the way to try this safely in our book reworking a hearth.

After Fireplace Remodeling

Once the stone is removed, the hearth is faced in tile, brick, or another kind of stone facade. This consumer needed tile. Needless to mention, this one amendment of fireside facing utterly remodeled their front room.

This is mantel was engineered get us, however you’ll conjointly get a pleasant pre-made mantel and have it custom-sized for your fire.