Remodeling Fireplace with Tile

Painted Brick Fireplace Before

This is a brick fire that had been painted white. the entire area had recently been transformed leaving the hearth trying just like the last vestige of the older house. it had been conjointly lacking a big mantel, that the consumer found limiting.

After Remodeling Fireplace with Tile

This fire rework needed backer board installation before the hearth was faced with Italian tile. Tile shouldn’t be laid directly over a painted brick on a hearth. A custom mantel was added to the highest that tied it in nicely to the window and floor trim. The new fire style created their rework look complete.
Our book on fire transforming goes into detail on a way to apply backer board to a painted brick fire in order that you’ll be able to attach the tile securely to the surface.
If you’d rather purchase a mantel than build it, this shelf mantel may be a sensible various.